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Pick your own!

Ultimate flexibility, value and peace of mind

This phrase is usually associated with summer fruits and vegetables but why not for tea too?  

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The offer

Sick and tired of having to buy 20 or more servings of something you just want to try? Well we feel your pain and offer you any 25 teabags from the Ela's collection for CDN$4.50 + shipping (Canada only)

How to

Explore our range and then simply send us a note on our contact page stating what you would like 3 x Green, 2 x Earl Grey whatever. Add name and address and we shall be back to you shortly. Sounds crude? Yes but this is a new venture. The process will be refined if you love it.


Value and Peace of Mind

To make this attractive and help reduce waste, this offer comes without a box, just the individual freshness envelopes and we dispatch using Canada post because they are, firstly, good value and secondly doing something about their carbon footprint For the greener good | Canada Post (

Yes, it may take a little longer :) but that gives you time to forget you ordered from us and enjoy the surprise when Ela's reaches your home!

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