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Farmer at Work

Our Difference

Sourcing Promise

Protecting Farmers & Producers

Our philosophy is simple, when it comes to raw material procurement. If our Farmers are not happy with the price they get from us then we get second rate quality and service from an unsustainable supply source. So it may not be the cheapest raw material but neither should it be!!

You can expect us to give you product that is sourced responsibly and we shouldn't have to put a dog, frog or goat on your pack to tell you that (All options are available but..).

You can also expect product that is fresh, characterful and consistent. That does not necessarily mean direct trading (That is a comforter behind which lies a whole number of issues) but we do promise you that we will know the Farmer and we can trace everything back to source for you.

and yes, we do get to go to romantic destinations and have our picture taken amongst the pretty tea fields but that's our promise to keep evolving our supply chain decisions as it makes practical sense for you and for our Farmer friends.

Less Packaging

Our teabag is different to the norm! It's not a "flow through" (fanciful name for a folded bag) for starters and it does not have the same shape. It's the package that delivers the tea to your hot water so, isn't it important that we minimize the amount of paper we use? Here's the number.

teabags 2.jpg
Leading Brands
Ela's Simply Less

Thinking inside the box

Unlike most of the competition,  we have put 25 bags in a box, not the usual 20, which means:

35% Less Paper

20% Less Cardboard Per Serving

20% Less Distribution

20% Less Shopping Trips For You

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