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About Ela's Tea

We have spent a lifetime buying, creating, blending and selling teas to a who’s who of Global and North American foodservice and retail companies; Ela’s represents what we learned along the way.


But it's not about us but about you and what you value. That's why we make products that taste great, use only natural plant ingredients and give back, through our "bucket of good deeds" promise

In short, this is just the first proposal of teas that will evolve with you, the tea drinker/fan, in mind. 

Our Team.

We are a duo of complimentary skillsets with a singular obsession in happy customers.

Snell portrait tea .jpg

John Snell



Rusty James


Image by Aaron Burden

Our Inspiration

What drove us to build Ela's Tea?

Our tea master, John Snell, has been visiting tea farms and plantations  in almost every spot tea is grown for 4 decades. 


John's experience sourcing the world's best teas is renowned and, using a lifetime of experience and lifelong friendships in tea origins, he has cultivated a focus on quality.


John simply creates great tea and now, does so for Ela's.

In the same year as the company started, a veritable rash of Grandchildren were born into the family and a responsibility to help curate a fair and equitable world for them and all children came sharply into focus.

These values and those he was aiming for in his tea company  dovetailed perfectly.

And that's how "Ela", our collective for all next generations, became our brand and our inspiration. We simply want to make great tea, do the right thing and have fun sharing something we love!

These products are inspired by the wishes we have for every child brought into this beautiful yet precarious world.

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