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When You Buy,
You Make a Difference

It is our duty to look out for the people who grow our teas, the people that drink our teas and the planet that we all live on.


"Ela's bucket of good deeds"is a pledge of 2% from net profit to projects that are guided by the UN SDGs

It's on every pack, just as a reminder to you and as a guarantee from us!!!

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Social Responsibility


Economic Empowerment

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Ecological Protection

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Access To Clean Water

It's difficult to really connect with workers on estates unless you visit them. From poor sanitation, unclean water, unbalanced diets and poor air quality, to name but a few of their challenges.

It's not our job to fix this but it is our responsibility to make sure that we purchase, only from those sources that ensure good health and well being of workers; after all it makes sense for them and it's the right thing to do.

We make sure we purchase teas that have passed an audit recognized by the 


Income Diversity

Tea is a funny crop in that the bush can last for 100 years, a good thing, from one angle, but also leaves one beholden to the high initial investment. The danger is, if tea prices fall so does your entire income.

We have partnered with our good friend Ketan at Jalinga tea estate who is already providing extra income to smallholders through product diversification. We are proud to support this new initiative, gifting seeds that will grow, be harvested and the crops purchased by Jalinga at market rates handing back livliehood control to the farmers and their families

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Reducing Waste

Waste starts as soon as humans start to get involved in nature, be it using agrochemicals on field crops, inefficient use of fossil fuels in factories and transport, too much packaging or wasting water and power when we make more tea than we will drink.

At Ela's we maintain a dialogue with the FAO, Tea research institutes and our suppliers on what can be done to mitigate waste. From IPM to packaging choices, we are committed to doing the right thing and will report  progress through blog updates and on "Our difference" page.

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