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Ela's Variety Pack

 Ultimate Flexibility. The Way You Want It! 

Your choice of 24 teas. Any combination. It's so Canadian!


Your Variety Pack consists of 24 tea bags. You chose the flavours. Just fill out the form below and add to your cart. 



Your total must equal 24  

Checkout in Cart. If you want more teabags with different flavour combination, simply select the flavours again and add it to the cart! 

Return & Refund Policy 

If this tea does not live up to the very muted hype we give our teas (they speak better for themselves) then let us know and we will refund  your purchase

Shipping Info

All our teas are shipped using Canada post. Why? because we want to support an institution that is carbon neutral and minimize the costs of shipping product to you. Yes, it may take a little longer but in the time it takes to get to you, you may forget you purchased it, making the tea surprise all the more satisfying!

Our Tea Selection Process

40 years in this business has enabled our tea buying to be a personalized affair. We guarantee freshness and a fair deal for the farmers we work with. Where practical we buy organic product but we dont spend the money on certification because it takes away from that that we can send back to our producer friends.

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