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Health & Wellness

At Ela's we design all teas to be natural, flavourful and relevant to a healthy life.
Every one of our blends includes the peace of mind and body you expect with no compromise on great taste. Find out more about some key ingredients and their benefits here and how to drink to your health with our "Day Part Tea Guide" 

Tea: Camellia Sinensis

Antioxidant rich, all teas from this plant (real tea) be they green, black or otherwise contain protective compounds that help fight free radicals and are recognized as part of a healthy diet. Teas do contain caffeine but coupled with unique L-theanine, this represents a fully focused pick me up, better than most first thing in the morning.


This next level healthy herb comes from the , aptly named, "Miracle tree" due to it's very high vitamin content and inorganic compounds, necessary to build strong and healthy bodies.

Find it in our green tea blends, good any time of day.


A powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant, this stress relieving root is perfect for after excercise or simply a tough day on your feet. To protect and serve blongs to a certain police force but could be for this "Indian saffron" too.


Hibiscus sabdariffa or roselle, is not just a beautiful ruby red liquoring plant that adds juicy berry and tartness to tea but it is a caffeine free tonic, perfect anytime of day.


This ancient ayurvedic spice is a sweet warming stimulant for combating colds and flu. Strong antioxidant content aids circulation and makes this a real winter warmer.

Licorice Root

A sweet adaptogen meaning that it can help manage stress and a powerful anti-inflammatory. Great for after work and play!

Ginger Root

A warming ayurvedhic power house. Antiinflammatory, digestive

Ela's Day Part Tea Guide

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