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An honesty poll

OK, we all know the chasm between those that do and those that don't drink loose leaf tea but let's be honest and recognize that it should be our job to promote all quality tea products, irrespective of particulate size. Yes, that's right, whatever anyone tells you, you can get great quality small leaves that fit perfectly into a teabag, just as you can get wonderful looking large leaf grades that taste like crap. So, before we go throwing stones in glass houses, let's agree that we should all drink quality teas but that the format that we use to brew our tea is individual and highly dependent on the channel (the where).

Does this mean that that the teabag should be supported forever? No but by the same token neither should bottled water or filtered coffee; it behoves us all to conjour up better ways to overcome these ridiculous consumptions and so, herewith the poll.

It is slightly ironic to me that as we decry the mainstream black teabag market we have moved from a naked bag format to one that has a string, a tag and more often than not an envelope. We have also moved from a 72 or similar count to a carton containing 20-25 bags or less.

Look, I get it, we want variety, we want quality and, at least the envelope has a purpose; enabling us to transport our tea of choice anywhere we go and preserving it's shelf life and therefore, logically, reducing food waste (a stretch but you can make that assumption).

However, the whole string and tag thing, that seems unnecessary, I mean who needs a string to pull a bag out of a cup, anyone heard of the infinitely reusable teaspoon??

In fact, adding a a string and tag complicates the idea of compostability. As packers we invest, quite righty, in compostable filter papers, made from plant-based resins which will biodegrade, but adding other elements, to this, compromises the whole good deed so, here's the poll.

Let me know, "Tag it" or "Feel free" and whether individual envelopes are "Right on" or "Write Off"

Your decisions will be carefully considered as we move forward so this is company strategy by democratic process.

And for clarity, we offer loose leaf and teabags with all the trappings Tag, string, hermetically sealed envelope and in a carton of 25!!

BUT we also produce naked teabags packed in resealable pouches for a variety of friends

around this wonderful trade. Help make us better! Drop us a note on our contact page, we are not soliciting just absorbing.

We hope to hear from tea drinkers, business owners in tea or who use tea; we all rely on the outcomes! Oh and we will share our findings in another posting.

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The only camellia sinensis tea that I buy retail and consume here in Australia is an Irish branded black CTC blend - Rwanda, Kenya, Assam. Given it is CTC the non string pillow teabag works perfectly well. After 2 or 3 minutes I quickly and deftly pick the bag - which will be partially on the surface - with finger and thumb tips and drop it in the sink. Not very difficult. Then I add a dash of milk. Wait for the tea to cool down to 60 celsius (I may add some cold water to accelerate this), and hey..... delicious.

After 43 years in the global tea industry I have figured out one thing....the Irish are offered and…

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