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  • MIRACLE Moringa beautifully balanced with exotic green tea leaves for a cup of smooth, nothing but a MIRACLE cup of tea
  • 1% of Ela's tea revenue goes back to support tea goodness community projects.
  • Ela's LOOSE LEAF tea products are packed in re-sealable airtight 1 lb/16 oz bags to ensure freshness. Each bag delivers 120 8-ounce cups of fresh and smooth tea
  • HEALTHY BLEND: Green tea and lemongrass can help boost your bodys fat burning process, and can help support heart health. Moringa is known as a miracle plant bursting with protein and minerals, promotes healthy skin, and is great for the stomach
  • 322 BC Mauryan India warriors started to consume Moringa in advance of going to battle. They loved the antioxidants to battle the elements. You will love the Moringa blended in this great tasting tea

Moringa Green 322 All round good for you

454 Grams
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